Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Do what you want! Yeah, that's what I said. Do exactly what you want to do. My friends and I tell each other this often. it has become a motto of sorts for ourselves. It seems simple but it is heavily based on a ratio of rational/emotional decision making, 70/30. There comes a time in every person life when they start having to make very tough decisions and in the end my advice for every person is to do what they want. this goes for very simple decisions too, but base them off the 70/30 rule.

Now, I want you all to know that I don't make all my decisions on my own. I enlist the help of an advice panel consisting of a few friends... My buddies, Jay and John, head this panel. one is very rational and the other is a complete ass hole. then I go to my Father because he has lived life and made every mistake that I plan on making. lastly I go to God. You know, the big man in the sky. He doesn't so much talk to me as he does guide me sub-consciously. notice that my panel is all male. its because I am a man and I need advice from other men. They are rational and heavily base the decision making in there own lives on ration and then on emotion (70/30). This goes for woman too, call your FATHERS for advice, not your mothers (sorry mom I love you to pieces but all my crazy emotions come from you, I thank you for every single one of them, but my father levels the playing field). Think of woman as 10/90 in decision making ratio. You need to talk to a 70/30 type of man to even you at about 50/50... I know the math of this does not work out but women in general are a scientific phenomenon, so deal with it.

Now comes the "do what you want" part. You have thought things over, talked with friends and maybe even made a pro's and con's list (a good idea if you still can't figure out what the hell you are doing with your life). so whats the last step? Throw all that shit out the door and... wait for it... DO WHAT YOU WANT! i'm only half joking here. All the advice in the world won't stop you from making an emotional decision. Thats why when you end up making the wrong one occasionally (which you will), you always have this little motto to fall back on: "I do what I want!"


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