Monday, January 24, 2011

Don't read this, its boring.

Whoa! I made it a whole week without drinking. Three more to go. Despite my early belief, it has not been a difficult task. I think that when you set your mind to something and have honestly weighed out the pro's on con's of your decision, it becomes easier to accomplish. 

Whenever you quit something negative you are suppose to replace it with a positive. when I quit smoking I purchased a gym membership that same day. when I quit eating fast food I started buying more fruits and vegetables. the whole not drinking thing is a bit different. I'm not just cutting out a vice but also a fair amount of time spent socializing. so instead of joining a book club or going to play bingo on wed nights I decided that I would just force myself to pick up old and new hobbies. Photography, collecting Vinyl (currently listening to Crosby, Stills & Nash (Young is on this one as well)). 

Now comes the big test, I need some motivation from friends for this one. I want to try stand up comedy. I have been jotting things down for a while now and thinking of putting together a 3-5 min test routine. should I test it in front of strangers or friends? I'm thinking strangers. I just need to do this to prove to myself I can. and if i suck? well then screw you, it was obviously over your head. 

yeah, time to go. laundry to avoid putting away. money to deposit and then immediately watch disappear and a mother to convince to do my taxes for me. I don't care that I am 27! shes better at it then I am. maybe while shes at it she will put away my laundry for me too. (PS- I do not live at home) 

ohm BTW my good friend Daniel has a blog now. He rants about things that annoy him, and I justly agree with him.

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  1. My friend's dad decided he wanted to be a stand up comic. They are no longer speaking. But ... like karaoke ... if you just want to "try" it, I think it's fine. Just my opinion :)